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March 16, 2020

Money Love and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 013 - A Freedom Journey From Tech To Cirque

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Freedom Journey From Tech To Cirque

Would you be willing to leave a comfortable job at a Fortune 50 company to follow your passion?

Too often, people are scared to follow their life’s passion because of societal, parental, or other external pressures, and at the end of the day this can sometimes lead to a life of regret.

This is NOT what Christine Lee wanted for her life.

Christine Lee had a comfortable job with one of the top tech companies in the world, and she enjoyed her life. She had been practicing circus acts as a hobby until one day life struck her with a tragedy that made her rethink how she was living.

With the loss of a close friend, Christine realized she had to honor her friend’s life by living her own life to her highest potential and her highest passions.

That’s when she made the decision to leave a high paying job in New York City for the unstable life of a circus performer, and she has never been happier.

In this episode, Christine and I talk about how she made the transition from Tech Boss to Cirque Star, what she had to believe about herself to make the change, and how she balances her day to day life with the life of being a circus performer.

Most importantly, we get to hear her passion for what she does and her story of how she got started. It’s truly an incredible lesson about life – not living it for someone else – and following your heart’s passion to a life of freedom.

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Today's Guest

Christine Lee

Christine Lee is a techie who decided to follow her heart and join the circus. This Freedom Fighter is full of passion, and has been performing and teaching professionally for the past 14 years. Given the current times of the Coronavirus crisis, she’s getting creative and is running group stretch classes and a FB Group which you can find at StretchWithClee.com. You can sign in from around the world, book private classes, corporate group classes, or join one of her public scheduled classes. People need physical movement so this is a great opportunity to stretch and socialize virtually. Visit StretchWithClee.com now or connect with her on Instagram now to learn more.

Instagram: @CirqueDuClee

You'll Learn

Why it's never too late to start your passion.

How to turn tragedy into triumph.

How she stumbled into her career in circus performance.

What it means to balance passion and lifestyle.

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Your Host

George Wang

George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

About the show

The Money, Love, & Freedom podcast is a show for young professionals, entrepreneurs, and hustlers who want the most out of life – Money, Love, and Freedom. Listen for weekly interviews, strategies, and tips to help you grow your finances, grow your business, develop amazing relationships, and create your life of freedom. Coach George Wang, a business and life coach dedicated to serving, is your coach and guide as you explore and discover your path to freedom, on your terms. Subscribe Now

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