December 21, 2020

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 049 - Discover Your Authentic Purpose

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Your Authentic Purpose

How do you make sure you’re living a life by design as 2021 approaches?

Living by design means living life consciously and deliberately chosen by you, not based on what society or your parents or the media tell you. Today’s guest, Johnny Elsasser, came to that conclusion for himself upon returning to the U.S. after serving in the military. As an army ranger, he served several combat tours in the early 2000s at the highest levels. Then, at the age of 28, he found himself a civilian once again, one without purpose or mission for the first time in a decade.

When realizing he wasn’t the only man in the world who felt this way, he started on a new journey where it became his purpose to aid other men in finding theirs. Through his workshops, retreats, and courses, he offers the tools and encouragement needed to live true to yourself.

Johnny talks with Coach George Wang about living in authenticity, what tools you can use to help yourself, and the role that leadership plays as far as the impact you have in the world. It’s through fulfilling your purpose through effective leadership that you reach true fulfillment within yourself.

Today's Guest

Jesse Cole

Johnny is a former special operations U.S. Army Ranger with 4 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and worked for a private company protecting the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq for 5 years out of Baghdad.

He has since transitioned from that life and created the podcast The Art of Masculinity where he has men from special operations, to professional athletes, to business moguls and self development people alike, sharing their struggles along their journey as men. He has also created an experience out of Corpus Christi where he provides a container for men to bond and create their brotherhood of supporting men around them while giving them a taste of special operations with a VIP environment. 

Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

You'll Learn

How being present as a kid was a double-edged sword for Johnny

Johnny’s realization of his lost purpose and how he began turning it around

Ways in which we’re all programmed for inauthenticity from a young age

Some of the biggest struggles men have today, from millionaires to military members

How working in the federal government defined Johnny’s idea of a good and not-so-good leader

Taking a look at where expectations of being a man develop and tools to find authenticity

Subconscious negativity and excuses used for not finding the time to start making changes


Follow Johnny on Instagram @johnny.elsasser

Listen to Johnny’s podcast: The Art of Masculinity

Visit Johnny’s site: https://www.johnnyelsasser.com

Instagram: @CoachGeorgeWang

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