June 14, 2021

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 074 - Dream Your Way To Wealth

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How to manifest wealth in your life

Money, abundance, wealth--that’s all the good stuff in life and all the stuff I know you want as much of as you can get. There’s nothing wrong with it, either.

Without abundance, we can’t do much. But if we have an infinite amount of abundance (which we have access to), then we can do so much good in the world: for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world.

Today my special guest, Dan Mangena, has manifested a great amount of wealth and is here to teach you how to do it with his Beyond Intention paradigm.

It’s a simple 4-step method for getting inside of yourself, learning to take responsibility for your own life, and ultimately manifesting what you desire out in the material world.

What’s his mission in life, the gift he wants to give to the world, and how did it happen? What is an illusion and how does it impact our lives?

Listen as Dan and I talk about his story and how he formulated his four steps of intention, how he practices gratitude every day, how he defines money, and a powerful final message about acquiring money for freedom fighters.

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Today's Guest

Daniel Mangena

Dan Mangena is from east London and the child of immigrants who moved to the U.K. for better educational opportunities. He migrated to Mexico and is a dad to a son and step-daughter, and husband to a lovely wife.

After losing a fortune for the second time, he was on the brink of suicide but his method for stepping beyond intention literally saved his life. Currently, he gets to have fun creating content in the form of books, blogs, videos, and a podcast and teaches people to have a more abundant, joyful purpose in their lives.

Instagram: @dreamerceo

You'll Learn

How nobody else is responsible for creating your reality

Why fear is an illusion that develops over time

How to break through illusions with the 4 steps of the Beyond Intention paradigm

How some people focus so much on the future that they forget the present

Why the current situation necessitates better money management and financial decisions on your part

Dan’s simple daily gratitude practice

What propelled Dan onto his mission and turned things around for him


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Your Host

Coach George Wang

George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

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