November 23, 2020

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 045 - How Erik Salzenstein Went From A Life In Prison To A Life Of Purpose

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From Prison To Purpose

Erik Salzenstein went to prison as a convicted drug felon but came out of it four years later as an inspirational speaker and coach. He and Coach George Wang discuss starting a passion based business, standing out in a noisy marketplace, the birth of his famous keynote speech, finding a good business coach, and how imprisonment actually helped him develop the mindset and lifestyle he enjoys today.

How was he able to leave prison and change his life around when so many others in his position lose hope and don’t believe anything better is possible? What have his experiences taught him, and how has he used them to design his life and his business?

Erik’s incredible journey from jail to freedom showcases the possibility and power of change and transformation. Hear his story and get ready for a heavy hit of inspiration and knowledge.

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Today's Guest

Erik Salzenstein

Erik Salzenstein, is the founder & head coach of ERS Coaching and the Next Level Coaching programs. Erik is a respected and sought out online business coach as well as a TEDx and Keynote speaker with his signature talk titled “From Prison to Purpose”.

After serving 4 years in prison and transforming his life while inside he came out looking to make his mess his message and in under 3 years Erik was able to start & scale 2 different online coaching businesses to between $10 & $30k months as well as starting his speaking business, winning the 2019 Advance Your Reach Speak Off, landing a TEDx talk, and being featured on top podcasts.

When he’s not inspiring people from stage he’s focused on bridging the gap for new coaches and giving them the full blueprint on how to take their passion and expertise and turn it into a successful and profitable online business.

His attitude of gratitude and leading with a servant's heart is magnetizing and it shows in all that he does. 

Instagram: @Salzenstein

You'll Learn

The most important thing in figuring out where you want to go in business

How a client inspired his transition from fitness to business coaching

Why the whole concept of “self-made” is actually false

How observation in prison helped Erik develop his mindset, business, and life today

Creating huge change and how he managed negative self-talk while still incarcerated

Instilling behavior patterns for his future self to overcome impostor syndrome

The need to be the right coach for your clients instead of the best coach in your industry


Apply to Erik’s coaching program: Next Level Coaching Accelerator

Instagram @Salzenstein

Instagram: @CoachGeorgeWang

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Coach George Wang

George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

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