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April 20, 2020

Money Love and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 018 - The Questions That Determine Your Thoughts, Actions, & Results

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The Questions That Determine Your Thoughts, Actions, & Results

Your thoughts, actions, & results are determined by the quality of question you ask yourself on a daily basis.

There are four types of questions we can ask of ourselves that can either pull us towards our goals or push away further away from them. These are:

1. Unconscious Disempowering Questions

2. Conscious Disempowering Questions

3. Conscious Empowering Questions

4. Unconscious Empowering Questions

Many times our subconscious mind has been programmed from our childhood with Unconscious Disempowering Questions, and the goal for us to create the life we dream of is to replace these Unconscious Disempowering Questions with Unconscious Empowering Questions by taking control of our Conscious Disempowering and Empowering questions.

In this episode I discuss each of these different question types, but we spend the most time on #3, the Conscious Empowering Questions.

The best thing we could all do for ourselves is to focus our attention on asking Empowering Questions and re-wire our subconscious minds to turn them into a habitual pattern in our lives.

Listen now to learn how you can use the power of questions to empower your life, today.

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You'll Learn

Details on each of these 4 types of questions.

How our subconscious was programmed with questions from our childhood.

Why we need to focus on our conscious questions.

How to replace our Unconscious Disempowering Questions with Empowering Questions


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George Wang

George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

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