September 21, 2020

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 037 - Say No To The Good, So You Can Say Yes To The Great

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You Have To Say No In Order To Say Yes

Did you know the average toddler hears the word “no” almost 400 times a day? Many parents are so used to saying no to their kids, yet the struggle to say no to other adults and even themselves.

Now there are plenty of things that are easy to say no to. Drugs, excessive alcohol, breaking the law… But what about saying no to some of the things we would actually like to do?

Things like hanging out with friends on weekends, eating chocolate cake with every meal, and taking on extra projects in our work that don’t directly attribute to our agenda.

There’s a quote I like that says “You can have anything you want in life, you just can’t have everything you want”

What this quote is saying is that there are so many things we want in life, and in this abundant world we have the resources available to make just about any of these a reality. What we are limited by is time, and because of time we can’t make ALL of them happen.

Warren Buffet has a great system he put together called the 5 of 25 system which says pick the top 5 of 25 things you want in life. Focus on the top 5 and avoid the other 20 at all costs. It’s the other 20 that you’ll sometimes say yes to that will distract you from your top 5.

In this episode of the MLF Podcast, I’m going to go through the importance of saying no and go through some real life examples of how this is applied. We’ll also go into details of how to come up with Warren Buffet’s 5 of 25 strategy.

Make sure you listen to this whole episode because it includes so much great content that will really propel you towards the big things you want in life.

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You'll Learn

Why you need to pick your yeses and no's

Warren Buffet's 5 of 25 Strategy

How to say no with grace


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