February 15, 2021

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 057 - Turning Trauma Into Triumph

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Turning Trauma Into Triumph

We all have some trauma in our lives, either from our childhood or more recent. Something in each our lives affects everything we do today. To talk about how to turn these traumas into triumph, I’m bringing on award-winning speaker and #1 best-selling author Cody Byrns to talk about this topic.

Cody went through a major shift in 2013 when he suffered a horrific traffic accident that left his entire body burned and scarred. After years of countless surgeries and unsurmountable physical and emotional hurdles, he started a foundation with a mission to spread his story of inspiration, hope, and recovery to every single person he meets. He’s also been featured on a bunch of TV and radio stations worldwide where his message has encouraged thousands.

How do you take adversity and some of the traumas in life and turn them into triumph?
How do we take that as the fuel for our passions and the catalyst for our growth?

Be prepared to have an experience that’ll motivate you out of a life of bondage and into a life of freedom! Listen now!

Today's Guest

Cody Byrns

Cody Byrns is an internationally-recognized speaker and best-selling author. At age 23, his life dramatically changed when he suffered from a serious car accident that left almost 40% of his body covered in severe burns and him in a coma on full life support for three weeks, among a myriad of other injuries. After multiple surgeries, two years of therapy, and learning to walk and use his hands again, Cody chose not to let his scars keep him embittered. Instead, through his story, he uplifts others.

From school students to business leaders, thousands of people worldwide have been impacted by it and his outlook on life. In 2016, he founded a non-profit organization to help multiple survivors recover. His goal: to help people live free from the bonds of physical and emotional scars and take the proper steps to turn toward their God-given potential.

Instagram: @thecodybyrns

You'll Learn

How Cody’s accident changed him and made him who he is today

Cody’s mission statement and relating to people who don’t have physical scars

Going through life versus growing through life

Needing hope now more than ever and recommendations for building a support group

How Cody learned to apply a message from a mentor to his life after the accident

Cody’s 8-week life coaching course with health, wealth, and relationships at its core

Seeking help when facing depression


Visit Cody’s Site: https://codybyrns.com/

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