November 30, 2020

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 046 - Why Philanthropy Can Be The Most Rewarding Work You Do

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Philanthropy Is Rewarding!

In 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal and destroyed thousands of schools. Wendy Shew volunteered to help with disaster relief but soon felt compelled to do more. Through an invitation she received to visit the slums of Nepal, she eventually founded her non-profit, Building Education.

She recruited Stephanie Lim who, having grown up in the Philippines, saw third world poverty first-hand. With the ultimate mission to raise two million dollars and build 1,000 Nepalese schools, they hope to help students in local communities there uplift themselves, learn to be independent, and become leaders for this generation and the ones to follow.

How did Wendy found her organization, and what drives her and Stephanie towards their ultimate goal? Hear all about what she calls her “for-purpose organization” and how you can get involved as well.

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Today's Guest

Wendy Shew

Wendy Shew, Founder of Building Education, experienced early tragedy which became her catalyst for social impact work. She’s served 24 years in community service as a youth advocate, international volunteer for orphanages in India and earthquake disaster relief in Nepal. She has also sat on numerous non-profit organization boards that include the largest service organization in the world. Wendy started Building Education with the vision to help others transform tragedy to purpose in rising out of poverty.

Instagram: @IfYouSeekWendy

Stephanie Lim

Stephanie Lim is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience specializing in physical rehabilitation nursing and geriatric care. She is currently a manager for an inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Los Angeles, California. In 2020, she decided to join Building Education in hopes of creating leadership programs in rural areas to develop young leaders into effective and empowered role models in their communities.

Instagram: @SanSan545

You'll Learn

Wendy turning tragedy into purpose and starting the organization

The social media post that caught Stephanie’s attention and inspired her involvement

How you can find fulfillment from working for a non-profit that a job might not be able to meet

How every single person has the ability to make a difference in the world

The purpose and plan behind the shorter-term mission to get 100 schools built within three years

Wendy’s campaign to build a legacy and how it inspires others to leave one behind

Building Education’s upcoming virtual charity gala with American Idol’s William Hung as keynote speaker

Advice on how you can get involved in non-profit organizations


Register to virtually attend: Building Legacy Charity Gala

Follow Building Education on Instagram @buildingeducation

Follow Wendy on Instagram @ifyouseekwendy

Follow Stephanie on Instagram @sansan545

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