February 1, 2021

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 055 - Why You Need To Be A Podcast Guest

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The Value Of Being On Podcasts

We have a very unique episode today because we’re doing a podcast about podcasting. We’re not going over how to start a podcast, but how and why you should be a podcast guest on other people’s shows.

What’s the benefit for your business? What type of business should you be to be on a podcast? And how do you actually get onto these podcasts?

As my guest, I’m bringing on Trevor Oldham, founder and CEO of PodcastingYou.com to help answer these questions. His company specializes in getting other entrepreneurs just like you booked onto podcasts and gain the benefits for it, whether it’s increased revenue, sales, or audience to your brand and services.

We talk about pitching clients, juggling entrepreneurship and college education, challenging moments and success stories. 

Then we get into the benefits for entrepreneurs as podcasts guests, coming online and diversifying income streams, podcast guest preparation, and how to successfully pitch yourself as a podcast guest step-by-step.

Listen now to learn how to get yourself booked onto podcasts!

Today's Guest

Trevor Oldhamd

Trevor Oldham is a 23-year-old founder and CEO of Podcasting You, a podcast booking agency that works with six and seven-figure individuals to get them booked for podcast interviews that help drive quality leads and clients to their business. 

You'll Learn

Trevor’s approach to pitching his clients for podcasts

The scariest moment for Trevor through his business journey thus far

Doing business as an introvert and how he plans to continue to grow his agency

The kind of entrepreneur that benefits the most from being a guest on podcasts

Preparing to guest interview on podcasts and providing value to others

A success story with a real estate investor that generated the client $400,000

What goes into a good podcast pitch (for those who want or need to do it for themselves)


Visit Trevor’s site: Podcasting You

Instagram: @CoachGeorgeWang

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George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

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