April 12, 2021

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 065 - Your Life Situation Doesn't Define You

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Your Life Situation

In my life, many times I felt like there was something that defined me negatively--some reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something with an excuse like being too young, dumb, etc.

If you have a situation like that going on in your life where you want to do something but have a block around it, then listen up. Today’s show is all about how to take your own life situation and not have it be the definition of who you are.

For this episode, I’ve brought on someone who breaks the mold of what’s possible. Roni Rumsey is a baby boomer who’s doing all the things she needs to do to still live her dream life, because she doesn’t let her life situation define her. At the age of 62, she’s starting an online business coaching other people through transitions in their own lives, and she’s not afraid of getting on social media and doing all the things us millennials are doing to make it happen.

Why did she decide to retire early and become an entrepreneur? How did she recover from alcoholism, and what would she say to others who want to shed their own unwanted identities? Discover all this and more on today’s show!

Today's Guest

Roni Rumsey

Roni Rumsey is a proud grandmother and recovering school administrator who lives in Seattle. She retired from teaching in 2017 after almost 30 years in education and decided to become an entrepreneur.

After battling her own unwanted identity as an alcoholic, she’s now an advocate for change--both in the individual and the world--and having fun along the way. As a certified coach, Roni also has master training in NLP, hypnotherapy, and time line therapy.

Instagram: @ronirumsey

You'll Learn

How Roni transitioned from educator to entrepreneur

Retiring early and Roni’s view on how to create more money

What Roni means by our life situations not defining us

Advice Roni would offer someone who feels stuck in an identity they don’t want

Roni’s history with technology and why she felt nervous about going on podcasts


Visit Roni’s site: Empowering Mindful Change

Follow Roni on Instagram @ronirumsey

Follow Roni on Facebook @empoweringmindfulchange

Instagram: @CoachGeorgeWang

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Coach George Wang

George is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life, and Business coach. He helps young entrepreneurs and professionals develop the skills to grow their businesses and relationships to live a life of total abundance.

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