February 21, 2021

Money, Love, and Freedom

Host:  Coach George Wang

Ep 058 - Your Story Is Essential

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Meet Alex Street, Expert Storyteller 

What do Dr. Seuss and Alex Street have in common?

You’re probably familiar with Dr. Seuss. We’ve all read or heard of Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat In the Hat. So we know what Dr. Seuss does; he’s an expert storyteller.

So is Alex Street.

While Dr. Seuss tells captivating stories for children, Alex helps entrepreneurs and business owners tell their own captivating stories to the world.

Right now, all of us in the developed world get inundated with endless products and services offering to solve every conceivable problem, from clipping toenails to solving global warming.

In such a competitive environment, how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

What’s the differentiating factor that’ll attract your customers and tribe to you?

The answer: Your story!

In this episode, Alex is here to share his story, how he got into the business of storytelling, and how you can put together your own stories and captivate your audience to ultimately serve them with your products and services.

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Today's Guest

Alex Street

Alex Street is a Storytelling Coach for entrepreneurs. He’s always wanted to tell stories like his mom and dad who were an actress and a photographer, respectively. He thought that meant he’d be an actor too, but after several years performing on stage he pivoted and chose a different path.

Someone gave him his first opportunity to speak on stage to a group of teenagers as a guest speaker. He then began working as a Youth Pastor, when realized his passion really was in capturing and telling stories. Ever since, Alex has spent the last 12 years speaking on-stage to audiences every week, attending over 100 live events in the process.

Today, he helps entrepreneurs just like you capture their stories and share it with the world to help them connect and serve their customers.

Instagram: @StreetSays

You'll Learn

How Alex knew that performing and storytelling was his path

The power in helping a single person and its potential effect on the world

Making the shift from serving as Youth Pastor to storyteller

Who Alex helps and what kinds of stories he helps people create

The three-act process and what to do to tell stories in a captivating way

The key to handling multiple stories involving your business

Where to tell your story and using it to emotionally connect to your audience


Visit Alex’s site: https://www.alexstreet.ca

Follow Alex on Instagram @streetsays

Instagram: @CoachGeorgeWang

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